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Glenwood Springs Invitational Tournament Rules


1. Games shall be played under IFAB rules with Colorado Soccer Association Centennial League modifications in addition to any modifications below.

2. If there is a rule not addressed, the Tournament Director will address it as seen fit for the good of the game.


U10:   7v7   | 20 Min Halves | 4 Ball Size

U11:   9v9   | 25 Min Halves | 4 Ball Size

U12:   9v9   | 25 Min Halves | 4 Ball Size

U13: 11v11 | 30 Min Halves | 5 Ball Size

U14: 11v11 | 30 Min Halves | 5 Ball Size

U15: 11v11 | 30 Min Halves | 5 Ball Size

  • Minimum Players on Field:

    • U10-U12: Five (5) Players

    • U13-U15: Seven (7) Players

  • Teams must be ready to play by the posted game time.

    • A five-minute grace period is given from the time posted, if the team is not ready, a forfeit is recorded in favor of the team ready to play.

  • All group play games must end five (5) minutes prior to the start of the next match on that field.

    • Referees are requested not to add time unless there is a major injury.

  • Games are considered completed upon completion of first half.

  • Team and spectators must occupy opposite sides of the fields.

    • Everyone shall observe the drawn spectator/technical area if drawn. Otherwise a minimum of ten (10) feet from the field should be observed.

    • No person shall be behind the goals during a game.

  • The home team shall provide game balls if requested by the referees.

  • Substitutions can be made by either team during any dead ball situation. 

    • Substitutes must be ready at the half line before the dead ball occurs. ​

  • Jersey Colors:

    • All teams should have two jersey colors

      • U10 is exempted from this requirement

    • The home team shall wear a darker color and the away team a lighter color

      • If team colors still clash with no alternative, the away team shall wear pennies

    • Keepers at minimum shall wear different colors from either team

      • If possible different colors then the other keeper and the referees should be worn.

  • Jerseys must have numbers on back, no exceptions!

  • Jewelry including ear or nose rings are not permitted regardless if it is covered up or not.

    • Exceptions apply to religious or medical items which shall be tapped down.

  • Cast, splints, etc. are not to be allowed unless they are properly covered and are approved by the referee.

Point Structure/Standings
Point Structure/Standings
  • The tournament uses the seven (7) point system as follows:

    • Three (3) Points for a win

    • One (1) Point for each goal up to three

    • One (1) Point for a shutout

    • One (1) Point for a draw/tie

    • Zero (0) Points for a loss

      • Points for goals apply to both teams whether they lose or win.

  • In the event of a forfeit, the team present will be awarded a 1-0 score. The goal does not count in the tiebreaking procedure.

  • Tiebreaking Procedures:

    • Head to Head (Where Applicable)

    • Fewest Goal Allowed
    • Goal Differential

    • Most Goal Scored

    • Least Number of Cautions (One Point) and Ejections (Two Points)

    • Kicks from the Mark

  • Standings will be updated as soon as the game cards are reported.

  • It is the responsibility of the team to check their standings and understand playoff implications prior to leaving. Calls will not be made to let you know if made playoffs or not. Never assume you are in or out until all games are played.

  • For the purpose of the tournament, teams will be divided into brackets by age and gender.

    • The tournament committee will make brackets on what is best for the team and the competition.

    • Teams that normally play co-ed will play in the boys’ brackets.

  • All teams are guaranteed at least three games. 

  • In the event a team drops out from the tournament, the tournament committee reserves the right to do the following:

    • Adjust the bracket to ensure teams play their three games.

    • Combine age groups within reason. (Ex U11 and U12)

    • Or any other method that ensure fair play for the good of the game.

    • Teams will be notified as soon as possible when the decision is made.

  • The schedule will be released no later that two weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

  • It is the team’s responsibility to check their schedule in the days leading up to ensure no further changes have been made.

    • A reasonable effort shall be made to notify teams if a schedule does change in the final two weeks.

    • Team will be notified during the tournament.

  • For the purpose of this tournament, a game is considered a playoff if it must have a winner. Typical games include:

    • Quarter-Final

    • Semi-Final

    • Final

  • Game lengths are the same as group play.

  • If a game is tied at the end of regulation, the following occurs:

    • Two five-minute (2x5) overtime periods

      • Both periods will be played

      • First team to score, wins - golden goal

      • If both teams are still tied at the end of both periods, the following applies:

    • Kicks from the Mark

      • Best out of five (5)

      • If after five (5) the score is tied, kicks from the mark continue one for one until one team scores and the other doesn’t.

      • Only players on the field after the overtime period may take kicks including keepers.

        • In the case Kicks from the Mark are due to a weather or other delay, all players may participate

  • Games may go past their allotted time since they must have a winner.

Inclement Weather
  • Game may be shortened, suspended, or cancelled whenever adverse weather exist or fields become unplayable.

  • The following personal may stop a game due to weather:

    • The referee crews

    • Tournament Director

    • Or anyone the Tournament Director has assigned

  • The following signals will be given from an airhorn:

    • Two Short, One Long: Stop Play

    • Two Long: Get ready to resume play

      • Teams have ten (10) minutes to be ready to play from the get ready to resume play.

  • If play is stopped due to lightning, all people must go to their cars. The shelter is not a suitable option.

  • The Tournament Director will decide on how to resume with play and future games. Teams will be informed as soon as a decision is made. Options are but not limited to:

    • Shortened games

    • Terminate current games

    • Kicks from the Mark

  • There are no refunds due to weather related causes.

Team Procedures
  • Teams eligible for the tournament are:

    • Mountain Region League (MRL); Front Range League (FRL)

    • Advanced League

      • Teams higher then gold can apply only if they move up one age group.

    • Out of state team are allowed on a case by case basis. Contact the Tournament Admin for details.

    • Recreational Teams

    • Any other division/league is not allowed.

  • All coaches and players must abide by the following:

    • Be registered with Colorado Soccer Association

      • Out of state teams accepted, please contact the tournament administrator

    • Have club or CSA approved roster signed by the club registrar

    • Have a USYSA player card

  • Teams may have a maximum of the following players on their roster:

    • U10: Fourteen (14)

    • U11/12: Sixteen (16)

    • U13, U14, U15: Eighteen (18)

  • Up to five guest players are allowed with the paperwork posted on the website.

    • Player must be no older then the age group.

    • Guest players must play under the same leagues that are accepted for the tournament.

    • If a guest player normally plays at a high division then the team they will play for during the tournament, the tournament director reserves the right to move the team to either a higher division or age if he/she believes that the player will disadvantage other teams.

  • The head coach is in charge of his/her team personal, players, and spectators. Any issue will be directed at the head coach.

  • Any player or team personal that is ejected from a game will at minimum be required to sit out at least one game. The decision to sit out more then one will be decided on the nature of the ejection and decided by the Tournament Director.

    • If no more games are to be played in tournament, the sit out will carry over to the next game either in season or another tournament.

  • In the event of severe misconduct from the team or spectators, and at the discretion of the referee, a game may be suspended.

    • The Tournament Director may terminate a team from the tournament if it was decided the misconduct was severe enough.

      • Points for that team will remain. Any future games will be 0-1 forfeit.

  • Please keep trash and recycling picked up and in bins.

  • In accordance with our field host, dogs are not allowed on the fields. While best efforts will be made to contact before and during the tournament, please note if a dog is found at a game:

    • Any person found with a dog will be asked to leave either by the referee or tournament staff. They will have five minutes to leave otherwise the game will be terminated in favor of the opposing team.

  • Drugs, alcohol, or any other similar substance will not be allowed at the fields.

  • Protest are not allowed; the referees’ decision is final.

  • The ref tent is strictly off limits to anyone besides tournament staff and referee crews.

  • The Tournament Director and anyone he/her designates has a final judgement in any matters during the tournament and rule interruptions.

Any questions can be directed to the Tournament Director.
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