Letter from Director

It is hard to believe but with Spring here and soccer underway that it is already time to start thinking about tournaments. I do hope you consider ours, we have just celebrated 20 years and are looking forward to 20 more. I have been involved for over 10 years from referee, volunteer, and now my second year of director. It has been fantastic to see our "little" tournament grow each year as we continue to evolve to make everyone's weekend the best it can be.

This year we continue to build on the success we have had as well as taking feedback to further improve. It has been somewhat tricky this year as the college is under going construction as you will notice. It's all for the better though and if you come back in 2020 I'm sure you'll agree. We have some exciting additions as well that will hopefully improve the team experience.

In short I hope you join us for another fantastic weekend of soccer in Glenwood Springs and look forward to meeting you here. Good luck and have fun!


                                                                                                               ~Alexander Tucker

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