Tournament Overview

The tournament runs from May 22nd (Friday) to May 24th (Sunday).

Friday is typically reserved as a back up day in the event all games cannot be played Saturday and Sunday. If so, only local teams play. (Within one hour driving distance.)

We have no lodging requirements, but book early as Glenwood sells out over Memorial Day weekend.

All games are played at Gates Soccer Park between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale.

Directions can be found here.

Plan on 20 minutes from either town plus 10 minutes to the farther fields.

Parking is extremely limited so carpooling is highly recommended.

Cell service is extremely limited at the fields. Sorry, no wi-fi! (Enjoy the weekend with the kids.)

Dogs are absolutely not allowed on the fields. Please see policies.

All updates regarding the tournament will be posted under Current Tournament -> Status Updates

We take lightning seriously, please go to your car or indoors if we stop games due to weather.

Schedules will be posted no later then two weeks before the tournament.

Scores are updated as soon as we get them both at the fields and on Got Soccer.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the tournament director.

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