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Documents (2022)
Rules and Medical Forms open for download.


Download the rules for 2022 for handy reference.

Guest Player Form

Each team with guest players needs to submit this form.

Team Info Form

Summary form for all guest players on team.

Medical Release

All players must complete this (or their Club's) medical release.



Severe Weather

Team, spectator, ref, and staff safety is paramount in our tournament. In the event of severe weather conditions, everyone is asked to leave the fields and seek shelter in their cars or indoors if possible. Lightning especially presents extreme danger and can strike 12-15 miles away from the storm. The picnic shelter is not a suitable shelter during severe weather. Staff will monitor storms and will suspend games as needed. Note the following air horn codes:


Stop Play/Seek Shelter: Two Short, One Long

Get Read to Resume Play (Within 10 Minutes): Two Long

Resume Play: One Long, One Short

Resuming play is dependent on the weather conditions. We will only resume play when it is safe to do so. For full details on weather, see section 7 in the tournament rules.


In accordance with our field host (Colorado Mountain College), dogs are not allowed on the fields at anytime. Dogs can present a distraction regardless of how well trained. Previous incidents include dogs running on the field (even though they were leashed), barking, or defecating on the fields. No matter how much you think it will not happen, it very well could. Due to these and other incidents with CMC and tournament staff trying to enforce the no dog policy, we have put the following in the tournament rules (Section 9.2a):


  • Any person found with a dog will be asked to leave either by the referee or tournament staff. They will have five minutes to leave otherwise the game will be terminated in favor of the opposing team.

This is a legal policy presented by our field host. The above is a response in order to help enforce that policy. We will inform teams multiple times before the tournament as to prevent further action. If dogs are spotted at the tournament we will make reasonable efforts to intercept owners with dogs before they reach games.


Drugs, alcohol, or any other similar substance will not be allowed at the fields per CMC.

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