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If you have questions, please email our tournament director Hailey Bird, at

Check in Process

  • All team check-in documents are due by Thursday, May 26th. 

  • Once rosters have been created on GotSport, please email your tournament roster, Guest Player Form (if applicable), and your Team Information Form to Hailey Bird at (all in one email).

    • Your submitted roster will be stamped, and a PDF of this GSIT APPROVED roster will be sent back to coaches/team managers. 

    • A copy of the GIST APPROVED roster must be presented to officials before each game and will be used to check teams in with.

    • The stamped rosters can be displayed to officials on paper or digitally. 

  • If a team's verified roster does not include photos, please also submit player passes/ID cards. ​

    • Player ID cards will be used to cross check the official roster. Player ID cards must match the official roster. If a player does not have a valid player card, he/she will not be allowed to play. This includes guest players.​

  • Coaches must have immediate access to medical releases for all players at each game. Medical releases do not need to be submitted during check-in.


Required Documents

  • 1 copy of your State Approved, Official roster.

    • This will be returned to you signed by a tournament official - this verified roster will be used to check-in your team at each game. ​

  • Permission to travel form (if applicable).

    • All teams outside of Region IV must have this form. Check with your State Association for the appropriate form.

  • Guest Player Form (if applicable)

  • Player passes are only required to be uploaded or sent prior to the tournament if the official roster does not include photos.

  • Medical release/waivers are not required to be uploaded or sent prior to the tournament.

    • However, they MUST be present and available for viewing at all games.

Creating roster in GotSport

  • If you are having issues with creating rosters for this event, please see the following documents for help

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