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Modifications to Rules for 2021

These changes were initially for 2020 and will carry into 2021


Changes are highlighted and removals in red bold italics.



  1. Games shall be played under IFAB rules with Colorado Soccer Association Centennial League modifications in addition to any modifications below.



Previously FIFA, changed to IFAB as that is who dictates law changes.

Added in Centennial League since CSA doesn’t have a blanket rule change, Centennial League typically has the most teams participate alongside MRL.


  1. Substitutions are at the following opportunities and are unlimited:

    • Prior to a throw-in, by the team throwing

      • Both teams may sub if the team throwing in is subbing 



Playing time is at a premium due to the shortened halves, this change results in less stoppage time as two teams can sub at the same time rather then two unique times. This rule is also common in CSA leagues.


  1. Standing will be updated as soon as the game cards are reported.

    • Standings will post posted online at GotSoccer

  2. Standing are posted in two places:

    • At the fields on the shed

    • Online at GotSoccer 



With the excepted availability of the new rec center, scores may be posted elsewhere physically. Scores will still be posted on GotSoccer. Teams will be notified before play where the physical location(s) are.


  1. If a game is tied at the end of regulation, the following occurs:

    • Two five-minute (2x5) overtime periods

      • First team to score wins (Golden Goal)

      • Both periods will be played,

      • If both teams are still tied at the end of both periods, the following applies: 



Procedure was changed to overtime to give both teams equal opportunities to score. Also added clarification to say what happens when tied at the end of overtime.


  • Only players on the field after the overtime period may take kicks including keepers.

    1. In the case Kicks from the Mark are due to a weather or other delay, all players may participate 



It was previously unclear who could participate in KftM if it wasn’t a playoff game.


  1. Teams eligible for the tournament are:

    • Mountain Region League (MRL)

    • Centennial League Gold and below

      • Teams higher then gold can apply only if they move up one age group. 



It was decided by the FC Glenwood board to solidify teams that could and could not play in the tournament from the Centennial League. The vote was to allow all teams from the league to be allowed.


  1. Up to four guest players are allowed with the paperwork posted on the website.

    • Player must be no older than the age group.

    • Guest players must play under the same leagues that are accepted for the tournament.

    • If a guest player normally plays at a high division then the team they will play for during the tournament, the tournament director reserves the right to move the team to either a higher division or age if he/she believes that the player will disadvantage other teams.

    • Player must not play a higher regular season division then highest allowed by the tournament.

    • If the above is true, the team may play up one age group, otherwise the guest player is not allowed 

 Sections B and C changed due to the changes made to what teams are accepted.

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