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If you have reached this page, that means you have successfully submitted your application to the 2021 GSIT. Your application is now under review and is subject to approval or denial.

If you are accepted, you will receive an email with more details.

If you are denied, you will receive a notice why.

Teams that fall outside our normally accepted divisions will be denied. This includes Colorado Champions League.

If for some reason you haven't please make sure you read our application guidelines and notices under Apply Now. When you submitted your application, you agreed that you read those as well as the tournament rules.


If for any reason you would like to rescinded your application, you may do so at no cost until it is accepted. If accepted, you agree to our refund policy listed under Apply Now. Full refunds are offered until March 31st, 2020. Please contact for any of the above.

You may be contacted by either Laurie Taylor or Alexander Tucker depending on you question or need. We both monitor the address so pleased don't be surprised! Laurie handles administrator items (payment, rosters, etc) and Alexander handles operations (scheduling, team acceptance, etc).

Thank you for applying, and we look forward to connecting with you! In the meantime, please look around the website.

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