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2022 Tournament Details


Memorial Day weekend: Saturday, May 28th; Sunday, May 29th

Age Levels:

  • U10 Boys/Girls (7v7)

  • U11 & U12 Boys/Girls (9v9)

  • U13 Boys/Girls (11v11)

  • U14 & U15 Boys/Girls (11v11)


Competition Levels:

Recreation, Mountain Region League, Advanced League, Front Range League

(Out of state please contact us before applying.)

Max Roster Sizes:

  • U10: Fourteen (14)

  • U11/12: Sixteen (16)

  • U13,14,15: Eighteen (18)

Max of four guest players allowed per team.


Registration Fees:

  • U10: $450

  • U11 - U12: $650

  • U13 - $675

  • U14 - U15: $700

Registration payment is to be paid in full by May 28th, 2022


Full registration fee can be refunded before May 1, 2022

Half of registration fee can be issued until May 20, 2021

No refunds after May 20, 2021

Teams should register in the age in which they are currently playing.


  • Guest player plays higher age then team --> Team must play up.

  • Team has been granted a request to play up in age level by the Tournament Director

  • MRL teams should register for the age of their oldest player.

    • Example: Team plays in U15, but oldest player is 13. Team should register for U14.

Per Tournament Rules, age groups may be combined if necessary.

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